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Thank you for visiting our Maiden website. We’re a family business which started in 2005 as hobby in our garden shed, known to us as the “whacky shack”, which inspired our original trading name WackyShack Candles. Having for a number of years previously created and supplied candles for weddings we wanted to broaden our range by developing a unique style of candle which had aesthetics to compliment any living space. 


After many trials and experiments over a year in our shed, the Curve Candle was born! A flowing design with a simple structure which when burnt created an even more interesting shape. A great feature of our candles is that a lit pillar candle can be placed behind, which then illuminates the candle and creates a warm ambient glow. This can be done when the Curve is unburnt but when done with a semi-burnt candle the result is very unique.


To complement the candle’s shape we have used a range of items such as real dried roses and lavender, frankincense resin tears, hand covered fabric buttons and Indian vanilla pods to decorate our various designs.


Our candles and gifts are all handmade and packaged by ourselves at our workshop in Dorchester, Dorset and the candles are made by a method and recipe of our own, something that we have spent plenty of time perfecting to ensure our candles are not only something completely different but also give a high quality burn. We continue to experiment with new designs and techniques and hope to continue pushing the boundaries of candlemaking.


In case you’re worried, we’re no longer in the garden shed…


Carolyn, Ron & Josh



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Hello all! We've gone quiet (again!) over the last few months, but as always there's a good reason! We've made the decision to refresh our branding and are working on something very exciting. We're hoping to reveal it to you all next month! So in the mean time, you can grab yourselves a bargain on our branded fragranced products over on our website. http://www.maidendorset.co.uk All our fragrances including scented glass candles, our Fragrance Ring sets and bottles of fragrance oil are up to 50% off! Stay tuned for our rebrand and don't miss out on the Fragrance Sale, which ends August 25th. Love The Maiden Team x
8 days ago
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RT @DreamsGlitterxo: Feeling like I'm in a real life impressionist painting and it makes me so happy and inspired 🌻❤️🎨👩🏾‍🎨 https://t.co/d6N
2 days ago
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